Exclusive software solutions for business
Digital economy
We create software products based on Blockchain
and digital technologies for online payments.
Digital economy
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Payment systems
Connecting businesses to classic and digital payment systems and creating a full-fledged payment gateway based on working with cryptocurrency.
Development of a personalized Blockchain that will solve the problems of storing and issuing documents, financial transactions and other business operations.
Smart contracts
Release of smart contracts that describe certain processes on the basis of which you can issue your tokens and currencies.
Connecting the project to the cryptocurrency payment systems, as well as providing an opportunity to create your own cryptocurrency.
Business tokenization
Implementation of smart contract and Blockchain elements into your company’s real business processes, issue of your own token.
Cards, bank processing, qr codes
Connection to existing Visa and MasterCard payment systems and timely assistance in creating your own payment system based on our solutions.
Completed projects
Investment holding KIROS
Bitcoin Ox
The Bitcoin OX Wallet is the safest exchange wallet which helps you store, send and receive crypto. You can transact with anyone all over the world and transform the crypto system right from your pocket for FREE
Automation systems
We create full-fledged trading and loyalty systems,
automate business and affiliate programs
Automation systems
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Optimization and accounting modules
Accounting and economic systems that allow you to aggregate and process data, as well as optimization modules that reduce company expenses.
Search for anomalies and project errors
Mathematical solutions that allow you to calculate problem areas using algorithms: configuration file errors, stock-out reasons, etc.
Referral and loyalty systems
Network loyalty systems that build multi-level marketing with a full-fledged referral system for accruing personal and group bonuses.
Comprehensive automation solutions
Integration of existing automation systems into the company’s business processes or creation of a copyrighted solution for your business purposes.
Machine learning, big data, neural networks
Creation of neural networks for processing and studying large amounts of data, as well as searching for logical solutions on their optimization.
Closed trade and accounting systems
Complex solutions for building the company's business processes: purchasing, storage, sales, logistics and others.
Completed projects
The Olympia company is engaged in the construction and maintenance of swimming pools. We have developed a web application and a mobile application to automate preventive measures, respond to critical equipment indicators and provide convenient services for customers. With the help of a mobile application, the client can also remotely control equipment on site and monitor the operation of his equipment online.
Mobile solutions
We create mobile applications of any complexity
for iOS and Android
Mobile solutions
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iOS and Android apps
Mobile app development of any complexity, with full technical support and updates.
Chatbot-based projects
Creation of informational and active Telegram-based chat bots - for P2P exchangers, registration programs, loyalty programs and other business tasks.
Sites and back offices transfer
Transfer of existing sites to more modern audit technologies, from a security point of view, as well as solutions to modernize and improve functionality.
Implementation of various startup ideas
Based on your business idea, we will offer a ready-made solution for business process automation, and we will fully undertake their implementation.
Cryptocurrency transactions
Creation of cryptocurrency wallets on mobile devices of any complexity and for any type of transaction.
Completed projects
Dynamically developing enterprise
Development request
Completed projects
ASMAP Service
The Association of International Road Carriers unites more than 1600 Russian organizations that transport goods and passengers by road in international traffic
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