BitRiver Is Selling Tokens to Build More Bitcoin Mining Farms in Siberia
Mining company BitRiver is launching its own token, aiming to raise $35 million on Bithumb
March 25, ‘21
Telegram Is Nearly Done Paying Back TON Investors, Eyes IPO Next
Telegram is closing the page of its $1.7 billion token sale and paying back its last debts to the token buyers. The company just raised more funding via bonds and planning an IPO.
March 10, ‘21
Sony plans to port PlayStation games to smartphones
Sony is hiring a PlayStation Studios executive to focus on bringing "the most popular PlayStation franchises" to mobile devices. Up to this point, the company has ported only a few copies, including Uncharted: Fortune Hunter. Now Sony is seriously thinking about participating in the mobile games market.
March 10, ‘21
Stellar Foundation Implements Protocol Upgrade Following Node Outage
The Stellar Development Foundation has executed a protocol upgrade to its network after an issue was detected that caused several nodes to go dark. According to a blog post Thursday, an outage on April 6 caused non-validating Horizon nodes and validating nodes, including those run by the Stellar Development Foundation, to go offline for a short while.
March 10, ‘21