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Exclusive Software Development

Web Applications

As a web application development company, we go the extra mile to help our clients create custom web products with unique features and scalability beyond any technological limitation. With the lightweight yet highly powerful tools like Python, Rails and Node, custom web application development at offers unrivaled productivity and cost-efficiency. In addition to that, we exploit the platforms like Magento and Drupal to develop products for those clients who want to kick-start and move really fast.

EQWANT brought together a team of senior-level web developers who know how to make the most of the right technology. Moreover, we made them stay with us for years. Today, these brilliant and motivated people take the can-do approach to tackle whatever challenge awaits them. And every day they are looking forward to these challenges because they are just as excited about building great products as you are.

Everything you need to create a beautiful website


PHP development

Whether you need a complete interactive web application, custom extension or MVP, we develop PHP solutions of any size and complexity.

We offer customization services to combine off-the-shelf PHP products with functionality you are interested in.

We create custom data connectors, web services and middleware for secure integration with third-party services and components.

Our team provides all-round maintenance, troubleshooting, reengineering and optimization of PHP applications.


Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

We create a scalable and secure solution designed to evolve together with the growing business needs

Need Platform Based Development ?

YES, We offers customization of PHP-based platforms.

We develop UIs that get users hooked

We have already helped startups and fast-growing companies develop over 150 products, including:


Powerful, complex websites and internal portals


Single page applications


Feature-rich SaaS solutions

With our frontend experts on board, you have all the needed skills and tools to make this magic happen for your product, too.